DuckBill® Deck Wrecker

DuckBill® Deck Wrecker

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Tarheel Wood Treating now offers the Duckbill Deck Wrecker for sale to builders and do-it-yourselfers.

The Deck Wrecker
uses leverage rather than strength to remove even the most stubborn boards with a minimal of effort.

The Deck Wrecker drastically reduces project time as well as effort. The steel head easily rotates 180 degrees to allow for use in two directions.

The Deck Wrecker features a strong and durable lightweight fiberglass handle with a padded non-slip grip.

The Deck Wrecker pulls out nails with or without the heads.

The Deck Wrecker is corrosion resistant and designed for years of rugged trouble free use. There is a 15 year warranty on workmanship.

deckwrecker price

Tarheel Wood Treating's Deck Wrecker price: $69.95 each

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The Deck Wrecker is easy to handle.

For more product and sales info, contact Tarheel Wood Treating, Hwy 54, Morrisville NC at 919-467-9176.

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