DrySpace® Deck Drainage System

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Timbertech DrySpace® - The Deck Drainage Solution

Why let rainwater dripping through your deck flooring turn the area underneath into wet, wasted space?

TimberTech DrySpace is a unique deck drainage system that collects the water that falls between the gaps in the planks and channels it away, leaving a virtually dry and functional space below. Perfect for second story decks, DrySpace easily secures to the joists of any new or existing deck with 12" and 16" on-center joist spacing. Minor dripping may occur.

Dryspace's patented design routes water away from your house's foundation to provide you with extra leisure and storage space. And its off-white color lightens and brightens the area below your deck, giving that space a crisp, finished look.

DrySpace is weather resistant, durable, easy to install, affordable, and comes with a five-year limited warranty.

The TimberTech DrySpace deck drainage system is available for decks with 12" and 16" on-center joist spacing. For the most popular deck construction with 16" on-center joist spacing, DrySpace utilizes three solid extruded vinyl profiles for maximum strength, durability, and weather resistance.

An optional gutter and downspout (not included) can be installed with DrySpace to collect water from the downward sloping V-Panels suspended by the system between each deck joist. Installation of the optional gutter and downspout is recommended to ensure that all water is drained away from the new usable space that has been created under the deck.

The manufacturer warrants that this product will not peel, blister, pit, flake, crack, or corrode as a result of manufacturing defects, or as a result of exposure to ocean air (salt spray). If any of this should occur ever in the lifetime of the product, the manufacturer will provide replacement product.

DrySpace Product Kit Choices

TimberTech DrySpace product components are available in the following kits:

12" O.C. 12' Length Kit

  • 6 -12" O.C. V-Panels
  • 7 - 12' Combo Brackets
  • 1 - F-Bracket
  • Covers 72 sq. ft.
  • 504 lbs. unit weight

16" O.C. 12' Length Kit

  • 6 - 16" O.C. V-Panels
  • 7 - 12' Combo Brackets
  • 1 - F-Bracket
  • Covers 96 sq. ft.
  • 546 lbs. unit weight

16" O.C. 16' Length Kit

  • 6 - 16" O.C. V-Panels
  • 7 - 16' Combo Brackets
  • 1 - F-Bracket
  • Covers 128 sq. ft.
  • 738 lbs. unit weight

Individual pieces are also available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will chemical treatments or stains damage DrySpace?

No. Common, off-the-shelf stains and chemical wood cleaning treatments have no adverse effects on DrySpace.

Is there a warranty?

DrySpace is backed by a limited 5-year warranty that covers material defects.

Can DrySpace be painted?

It is not recommended because of the maintenance issues, but yes DrySpace can be painted.

Can I use TimberTech DrySpace with TimberTech Floorizon™ Deck Planks?

Yes. With proper installation, TimberTech DrySpace can be used with Floorizon Deck Planks. The moisture will be carried away from underneath the Floorizon Deck Planks. It is the moisture underneath the Floorizon Deck Plank that could cause cupping. In addition, since the V-Panels are cut 3" from the beam or rim joist, there should be some air flow around the planks.

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