HEADCOTE® Stainless Steel Screws

HEADCOTE® Stainless Steel Screws
with Color Coated Heads

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HEADCOTE® stainless steel deck screws with color coated heads are designed to blend with all types of decking, including cedar, mahogany, ipe and composites.

HEADCOTE® is approved for ACQ treated lumber and is a perfect match for Azek PVC trimboard. Available from Tarheel Wood Treating.

HEADCOTE® Quality Features

People love their decks. They want them to be well built and to look great. Deck screws play a big role in both a deck's appearance and the quality of its construction. For years stainless steel deck screws have been the gold standard. However, the shiny, silver heads do stand out and will detract from the overall appearance and beauty of any deck. This is especially the case when high-end deck materials like cedar, mahogany, ipe and composites are used.

HEADCOTE® eliminates that problem by coating the heads of #305 stainless steel deck screws with a highly durable epoxy based finish. The coatings come in neutral colors that are specially selected to blend in with a variety of decking materials. With HEADCOTE®, decks can now have the quality of stainless steel without sacrificing appearance.

For people considering using some of the newer, more expensive, hidden deck fastener systems, HEADCOTE® stainless steel deck screws with color coated heads offer a more cost effective alternative that has the added benefit of employing traditional, proven construction methods.

Fastening and Useage Notes

  • In some decking materials, such as certain hardwoods, pilot holes may be necessary.
  • Some scratching of the epoxy coating may occasionally occur in the square recesses during insertion. This will not detract from the overall appearance of the final product.
  • The coating used for HEADCOTE® stainless steel deck screws has been specially formulated for durability, but like all coatings in outdoor and flooring applications it is subject to wear based on foot traffic and exposure to the elements.

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