Simpson Z-MAX™ Fasteners

Simpson Z-MAX™ Fasteners

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Tarheel Wood Treating offers a wide selection of Simpson ZMAX™ hardware for your outdoor construction projects.

ZMAX™ is galvanized 1.85 oz. of zinc per square foot of surface area (per ASTM A653). ZMAX™ meets all catalog load specifications listed for the regular products and all published building code reports. These products require Hot-Dip Galvanized (HDG) fasteners (per ASTM A153).

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ZMAX™ Single Joist Hangers
2x6 Joist Hanger - LUS26Z
2x8 Joist Hanger - LUS28Z
2x10 Joist Hanger - LUS210Z
2x6, 8 Skewed Left Hanger - SUL26Z
2x6, 8 Skewed Right Hanger - SUR26Z
2x10 Skewed Left Hanger - SUL210Z
2x10 Skewed Right Hanger - SUR210Z
ZMAX™ Double Joist Hangers
Double 2x8 Joist Hanger - LUS28-2Z
Double 2x10 Joist Hanger - LUS210-2Z
ZMAX™ Triple Joist Hangers
Triple 2x10 Joist Hanger - LUS210-3Z
ZMAX™ Hurricane Ties
6" Hurricane Clip - H2.5AZ
ZMAX™ Framing Angles
5" Angle L50Z
7" Angle L70Z
9" Angle L90Z
ZMAX™ 4X Post Bases
4x4 Post Base - AB44Z
ZMAX™ 6X Post Bases
6x6 Post Base - AB66Z
ZMAX™ Fence Products
2 x 4 Fence Bracket
ZMAX™ Joist Hanger Nails
Hot Dipped Galvanized
8d x 1 1/2
1 # Box N8DHDG
8d x 1 1/2
5 # Box N8D5HDG
10d x 1 1/2
1 # Box N10DHDG
10d x 1 1/2
5 # Box N10D5HDG

Aluminum Post Pedastal (in.)
4 x 4
6 x 6
8 x 8

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