TimberLok™ Heavy Duty Wood Screws

TimberLok™ Heavy Duty Wood Screw
Faster, Easier and Stronger for Your Wood Projects

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TimberLok™ Heavy Duty Wood Screws

FastenMaster® TimberLok™ enables you to complete wood-to-wood projects faster, easier and stronger. You'll never use 3/8" lags again!

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Here's why:

Faster: No predrilling! Even with large pressure treated beams, the TimberLok zips right in.

Easier: Self-countersinking head design allows you to easily sink the fastener into you project. Removable. Just put the drill in reverse and back it out.

Stronger: Stronger design shear values than 3/8" Lags! TimberLok is fully compliant with ICC-IBC Code.

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Ideal for virtually any wood construction:

  • Fencing
  • Stairs
  • Stringers
  • Post and beam connections
  • Retaining walls
  • Garden walls
  • Much more

5 Stocking Sizes
Screw Length
Quantity per Pack
50, 500
10, 50, 250
10, 50, 250
10, 50, 250
10, 50, 250


The TimberLok fastener should be installed using a high-torque, 1/2" variable speed drill (at least 14.4V if cordless). Choose the proper length TimberLok so that threads fully engage the second piece.

For more product and sales info, contact Tarheel Wood Treating, Hwy 54, Morrisville NC at 919-467-9176.

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